What Is Shopify Service?

Our Shopify account service often goes hand in hand with our Amazon Marketplace service and our eBay service. However, its important to note that managing a Shopify account requires a different set of techniques and approaches.


The consumer base on Shopify differs from Amazon and eBay, adding to the need for a different approach. Our account management programme is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of selling on the Shopify marketplace.

Why Use Shopify Service?

Shopify is a great marketplace which will allow your business to access a huge number of loyal customers.  


Shopify allows you to display all of your products and brand in one customisable website, creating a theme and style that reflects what your company is all about, and allows the customer to fall in love with your business and products you sell through the website.


The Shopify marketplace can be extremely challenging, with many companies failing to succeed on the marketplace due to either operational difficulties or lack of profit.  


Our team of experts live and breathe Shopify, they understand how the marketplace ticks and give you the best chance of succeeding within this challenging marketplace.  

What Does Shopify Service Include?

In short, our team provide full account service covering all aspects of running your Shopify website. Every business is different and our account management service is tailored to your business.  

In the vast majority of cases the service includes:
- Brand Protection
- Consultancy
- Customer Services
- Performance Monitoring
- Stock Forecasting
- Return Management

In some cases fulfilment services maybe coupled with Account Management in order to provide a full and comprehensive service.

Further Information On Some Of The Shopify


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